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While in college, about 4 years ago, I was hanging out with a group of friends and we somehow got onto the subject of facial hair. A guy in the group made a comment that I have not forgotten since then and that caused me to be very self conscious of my facial hair. He stated, “I think facial hair on females is so unattractive. I don’t want to marry a girl with facial hair.” This TryNoNo Reviews site is about my failures and successes with hair removal products.

As much as we wish it away and pretend it’s not there it is a reality we face everyday when we look at ourselves in the mirror. This reality and the comment that lingered with me drove me to try practically every hair removal product out there that I could afford as a college student.

I was “blessed” with fast growing, black hair on my legs and face. I felt like I was condemned to a life of wearing pants all the time and running a magnifying glass over my face every morning in order to pluck the black hairs that seemed to grow in over night.

This was not the way I wanted to live. Plucking and shaving caused the hair to grow back darker and thicker. I tried waxing but that left my skin red, irritated, and broken out with tiny pimples and bumps. Crèmes burned my skin. The only option left that my dermatologist gave me was laser hair removal, but that was way out of my league financially.

I was flipping through one of my roommate’s fashion magazines and saw an article about the TryNoNo Hair Removal System that claimed to be pain-free, cost-efficient, and had the same results as you would find with laser hair removal. I carefully examined the before and after pictures and was quite impressed. I still had my doubts about the TryNoNo Hair Removal System until I read that it was the 2009 and 2011 product of the year and has been featured in all the mainstream popular magazines and TV shows.

I went to the TryNoNo Official Website to read more about the TryNoNo Hair Removal System and ended up ordering one because of their Triple Guarantee – if you’re not 100% satisfied within 60 days they will refund the purchase price, refund the shipping charges, and pay the return postage. Nothing else had worked up to that point and if the TryNoNo didn’t work either in the end I wouldn’t have to spend a penny of my own money.

I received the TryNoNo within a few days and was impressed by everything that was included in the kit: NoNo 8800, Wide Thermicon Tip (for legs, arms, back, and chest), Narrow Thermicon Tip (for face, knees, elbows, bikini, and other curved/sensitive areas), Large Buffer (exfoliates the skin for a smooth finish), Lotion, Travel Case, Cleaning Brush, Quick Guide, User Instructions, and Power Supply.

I wanted to make the most of my 60-day trial so I began using the TryNoNo immediately. I was surprised that the next day I didn’t have stubble on my legs and I didn’t see any facial hair. That is a miracle in itself for me!

I continued to use the TryNoNo as directed and found that the longer I used the TryNoNo the less I had to use it. That doesn’t sound like it makes much sense, let me explain. I used the TryNoNo less frequently because it took longer for my hair to grow back with each use. My hair grew back lighter as well.

The TryNoNo is the only hair removal product that is painless and has lasting results. I highly recommend the TryNoNo to anybody who wants to get rid of their unsightly hair for good. I am no longer self-conscious and love my smooth, hair free skin! I hope this TryNoNo review site has been helpful to you and that you find just as much success as I have.

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